Lord KuthumiAscended Master Lord Khutumi
Rita CookRita Cook

Welcome to Jewels of the Earth, home to the teachings of Lord Kuthumi.

Now is the time for the world to be at peace and as one.  Lord Kuthumi, an Ascended Master, wishes to assist mankind in obtaining this state by his teachings.  To assist with this, it has been so arranged that Rita Cook will be here on the Earth Plane at this time and having achieved many of her earthly challenges, is now ready to act as his channel in this great endeavor.

This site is dedicated to spreading the words of Lord Kuthumi as, through his channel Rita, he shares his teachings with you all so that you may learn to give love and light to each other.

In order for the world to achieve the desired state of peace, now is the time for this work to commence so that love may start flowing around the world.

It is hoped that many of you will assist Lord Kuthumi and Rita in this work and that this site will become the fount of knowledge and instruction for those who work towards world peace.